PTAC Rentals

Affordable long-term rental solutions for PTACs (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners).

PTACs for Condos

Choosing the perfect HVAC unit for your condominium is key to saving tons of money down the road. And in Ontario’s extreme temperature fluctuations, there’s nothing better than an HVAC unit that can both heat and or cool on

That’s exactly what a PTAC unit does, it’s a convenient, multi- purpose HVAC unit that’s
affordable, efficient and easy to install. If you’re a condo owner or property manager, consider renting PTAC units. It’s an affordable, long-term solution.

Get Your Rental

Do you need new heating units or cooling systems in your condominium? Don’t buy, rent!

Save the upfront cost and rent your condo HVAC units with us.

Please take a photo of the front of your current HVAC unit and send the photo to
so we can let you know what type of you can rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PTAC?
A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) is a through-
the-wall ductless cooling and heating system that is typically installed under an outside facing
window and makes for a great HVAC solution in condominiums and hotels.
Why should you get a new PTAC unit?
If your PTAC unit is over 10 years old chances are it’s going to fail and require an expensive repair. If your unit is over 15 year old there’s a good chance its
running with R-22 refrigerant which will make the cost of any repair even more expensive if the
parts are even still available.
Where can I use Condo HVAC Rentals?
Condo HVAC Rentals is available to any condo owner in Ontario.

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