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Discover affordable fan coil unit rentals with Condo HVAC Rentals.

Fan Coils for Condos

When condominium building owners, property managers and board members are looking for reliable and affordable HVAC solutions, fan coils are a popular option. Installing new energy efficient fan coil units can save money for the condominium owners, short and long-term.

If your condominium is in need of new HVAC units, consider the new and cost-efficient route: renting HVAC units with Condo HVAC Rentals. If it’s comfort you’re looking for, Condo HVAC Rentals has you covered with an effective and affordable solution.

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Do you need new heating units or cooling systems in your condominium? Don’t buy, rent!

Save the upfront cost and rent your condo HVAC units with us.

Please take a photo of the front of your current HVAC unit and send the photo to
so we can let you know what type of you can rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fan coil unit?
A fan coil unit is what heats your condominium in the winter and cools it in the summer. They
draw on the buildings supply of heated or chilled water to transfer this heat or cool to your
suite. The unit itself is made up of a coil, motor and fan, thermostat and return air cover. These
units maybe installed horizontally up in your ceiling or vertically behind a wall.

Why should you get a new fan coil unit?

If your fan coil is over 20 years old chances are its growing mould on the interior fibreglass
liner, the condensation pan is rusted and parts are failing, all of these contributing to poor air
quality, water damages and a lack of comfort.

Where can I use Condo HVAC Rentals?
Condo HVAC Rentals is available to any condo owner in Ontario.

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