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We provide HVAC unit rentals for condominiums – old and new. Reach out to get started.

The Condominium HVAC Experts

If your condo building is in need of HVAC unit installations or replacements, explore Condo HVAC Rental’s affordable options. Providing you with quality HVAC systems is our top priority.


You can rely on us to arrive at the expected time, every time you need us.


Our HVAC technicians have been working with condos for over a decade.

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Do you need new heating units or cooling systems in your condominium? Don’t buy, rent!

Save the upfront cost and rent your condo HVAC units with us.

Please take a photo of the front of your current HVAC unit and send the photo to rentals@condohvacrentals.ca so we can let you know what type of unit you can rent.

The HVAC Solution for Condos

Whether small or large, condominiums need to keep their HVAC systems up to date in order to attract and retain great owners and tenants. The issue here is that installing new HVAC systems come with an expensive upfront cost. That is unless you rent new units with Condo HVAC Rentals, we have:

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