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We provide heat pump & fan coil rentals in Toronto & beyond

Our long-term condominium HVAC unit rentals include fan coils, heat pumps and PTAC units.

About Condo HVAC Rentals

Experience counts, and we have quite a lot of it! Having provided HVAC installations, maintenance and repairs to condominiums for over a decade, we know exactly what it takes for a condo’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to run smoothly.

In old condominiums, it can quickly feel as though old HVAC systems are deteriorating, in need of replacement. That’s where we help, offering HVAC unit rental services for condominiums – old and new. Learn more about our HVAC units available for rent.

Fan Coil Unit Rentals for Condos

Fan coil units are a great fit for condominiums as they condition the air with the ability to efficiently heat and cool your space. If you had planned to replace your original heating or cooling system in your condominium, consider a new unit from us!

Fan coils act as a hybrid system, they provide you with heating, cooling and ventilation – all rolled into one! Explore your rental options with Condo HVAC Rentals

Heat Pump Rentals for Condos

Having a reliable and efficient heating and cooling system in your condominium is key to your comfort. As such, we offer new heat pump unit rentals to ensure you’re warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If your condominium is aging and is in need of a new heat pump, we got you covered. Our water-source heat pumps are extremely efficient and can help lower the buildings operating costs, keep humidity levels under control, and are very reliable!

PTAC Rentals for Condos

A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) is a through-the-wall ductless cooling and heating system that makes for a great HVAC solution in condominiums and hotels.

If you’re a condominium building manager or suite owner looking for the complete condo HVAC solution, look no further. With, you can avoid paying large upfront unit costs and reap the benefits of rental pricing. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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